Return to the origins to focus on the future.

Trailblazer spirit, classic style, tailor-made creativity and craftsmanship.

These are the strengths that mark the history and the spread all over the world of the company Bottega Martinese.

Since 2014, Bottega Martinese has been enriched with new designers and, after exploring the great distribution, is finally aiming to produce a clothing brand that will reach boutiques on international markets.

Growth does not know any stumbling blocks and the company gains an ever-wider breath, which makes it indispensable to make a unique cut to its Made in Italy.

In 2015, the company founded by DONATO TAGLIENTE launches a new brand: Bottega Martinese, a name which is ready to bring to the world the heritage of a typically Italian story.

A renowned style, shapes and fabrics. Tradition and versatility of a head that does not suffer seasonality. This are the main features of a Bottega Martinese product.

Each garment is a blend of elegance and convenience because fit is always the top spot in creating every new model.